2021/2022 Seminar Series

REGENERATIVE PARTNERS: Realise the potential of a regenerative approach to business: A series of introductory seminars and weekend immersions. Contact us here to book.

Create the next level of value


Free 30 min introductory webinarSign up for 10 x 90 min interactive online seminars
•Can you imagine your business becoming market-leading at the same time as creating significant human, social and natural capital?

•A tested way to achieve this is through building an interdependent ecosystem around you, designed for long term mutual value creation.

•Learn from those businesses who have travelled this path. Go beyond net zero to create this next level of sustainable value for your customers, beneficiaries and the planet.

•See extraordinary loyalty grow through serving an inspiring endeavour, and evolving in step with Nature. 

You’ll be sent a preparatory questionnaire and case study podcast on sign up.


Free 60 min coaching sessionSign up to 5 x 90 min seminars
•What if every product offering from every business could be by design an instrument for renewing life, not only generating a return?

•What if the customer or end user of such a product could benefit from the offering to grow the value they wish for their own beneficiaries, or in their own lives? And in the process of using such a product evolve their value-adding capability?

•And what if each stage in the conception, sourcing, assembly, use, and composting was also regenerative rather than extractive?

•Your free coaching session will assess your existing product offerings to measure how regenerative they are. We will work with a product attributes framework to begin to reimagine your existing offerings.

•Through the seminars you will learn the fundamental steps of a regenerative product design process.

You will be sent in advance a regenerative product attributes questionnaire to score an existing product offering.

Help renew your community


45 min free interactive introductory seminar for local entrepreneurs, business leaders, and local government officers

•Could you see your business whatever its size as a powerful instrument for revitalising the local economy?

•Or if you’re in local government, can you imagine a renewed role for local government?

•Well intended strategies to support businesses and attract new ones are constrained by paradigms of thinking in which they are created. These paradigms can sub-optimise the outcome for all stakeholders.

•Long term well-being of our communities will not be guaranteed by ‘more of the same’. We need to shift our thinking towards growing the capacity of local places to regenerate themselves, and for all actors, in both public and private sectors to begin acting ‘like an ecosystem’.

•Learn from regenerative case studies, from our work with a cross-sector group in Devon (Devon doughnut) and the UK’s emerging bioregional movement.

It starts with you


3 x weekends Jan – Mar 2022 @ Wilderness Centre, Forest of Dean
•Could you imagine your organisation going beyond the imperatives of net zero and chasing good ESG ratings, and allow them to take care of themselves while you transform your organisation into a vehicle for true social and ecological renewal?

•If you are inspired by a future in which you are serving both people and Nature not only to survive but to thrive, then that future starts with you.

•Learn from three decades of regenerative practice, and connect to your own aspiration, the world you want to bring into being, and how this commitment can catalyse change around you. The prize is becoming trusted and ‘non displaceable’ in your market.

•Your two guides have between them over 40 years’ experience of leadership development and organisational change. •Immerse yourself in this new and rewarding paradigm of thinking and walk away with a new network of fellow travellers, and a personal and organisational plan for change.

You will be sent listening and written material, as well as a leadership development canvas in advance of the programme.